Sustaining anti-littering behavior within coastal and marine environments: Through the macro-micro level lenses

Being regarded as a problem of global dimensions, marine litter has been a growing concern that affects human beings, wildlife and the economic health of coastal communities to varying degrees. Due to its involvement with human behavior, marine littering has been regarded as a cultural matter encompassing macro and micro level aspects. At the micro or individual level, behavior and behavioral motivation of an individual are driven by perception of that person while at the macro or societal level, aspects including policies and legislations influence behavior. This paper investigates marine littering through the macro-micro level lenses in order to analyze and recommend how anti-littering behavior can be improved and sustained. Using Coleman’s model of micro-macro relations, research questions are formulated and investigated through a social survey. Results showed important differences in perceptions among participating groups and to address key issues, potential actions are proposed along with a framework to sustain anti-littering behavior.

Yashna Devi Beeharry, Girish Bekaroo, Chandradeo Bokhoree, Michael Robert Phillips, Neelakshi Jory, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 119, Issue 2, 30 June 2017, Pages 87–99

The article


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