Floating Marine Debris in waters of the Mexican Central Pacific

The presence of marine debris has been reported recently in several oceans basins; there is very little information available for Mexican Pacific coasts, however. This research examined the composition, possible sources, distribution, and density of Floating Marine Debris (FMD) during nine research surveys conducted during 2010–2012 in the Mexican Central Pacific (MCP). Of 1820 floating objects recorded, 80% were plastic items. Sources of FMD were determined using key objects, which indicated that the most were related to the presence of the industrial harbor and of a growing fishing industry in the study area. Densities were relatively high, ranging from 40 to 2440 objects/km2; the highest densities were recorded in autumn. FMD were distributed near coastal regions, mainly in Jalisco, influenced by river outflow and surface currents. Our results seem to follow worldwide trends and highlight the need for further studies on potential ecological impacts within coastal waters of the MCP.

Evelyn R. Díaz-Torres, Christian D. Ortega-Ortiz, Lidia Silva-Iñiguez, Alejandro Nene-Preciado, Ernesto Torres Orozco, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 115, Issues 1–2, 15 February 2017, Pages 225–232

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