Integrated Plastic Waste Management: Environmental and Improved Health Approaches

Plastics are integral part of society and have varied application. Plastics are composed of a network of molecular monomers bound together to form macromolecules. There are increasing concerns due to non degradability and generation of toxic gases on combustion during incineration. Due to fabrication of desired shape colour and specification convenient to customers there is increasing application in packaging, agriculture, automobiles and biomedical. They are indispensable to the modern generation due to development in information technology, intelligent and smart packaging system. Efforts are in progress for development of efficient and precise conversation of renewable raw materials into innovative polymeric product through recent technologies which are superior in terms of performance, environmental and cost perspectives. In rivers and at coastal regions the marine pollution is increasing at a faster rate due to indiscriminate disposal by the consumers. R&D studies are now centred for investigating whether consumption of plastic debris by marine organism translates into toxic exposures for people who consume seafood with particular relevance to plasticisers, stabilizers, heavy metals viz phthalates, BPA, lead cadmium, methyl mercury. Biological effects from pollution are linked with resulting economic effects and losses. A cornerstone of sustainable development is the establishment of affordable, effective and truly sustainable waste management practices in developing countries. (…)

P. Singh, V.P. Sharma, Procedia Environmental Sciences, Volume 35, 2016, Pages 692–700, Waste Management for Resource Utilisation

The article


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