Date-prints on stranded macroplastics: Inferring the timing and extent of overwash deposition on the Skallingen peninsula, Denmark

The presented study shows that the delivery of marine macrodebris to a high-energy coastal environment has been abundant enough over the last three decades as to allow a spatial reconstruction of morphological change based on production-date prints. A dataset of > 110 spatially discrete samples has been collected in an area affected by overwashing on the Skallingen peninsula, SW Denmark. A conceptual model for the chronological interpretation of the date prints is proposed and cross-compared with a dense time-series of satellite images and orthophotos. It appears that the litter-derived ages are capable of reproducing information on both the timing and the extent of overwash occurrence. Despite the usefulness of the method as a tool for rapidly assessing the approximate age of recent coastal deposits, the study shows the alarming degree and long-standing of marine-litter pollution on the eastern board of the southern North Sea.

Lasse Sander, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 109, Issue 1, 15 August 2016, Pages 373–377

The article


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