Marine Litter Quantification in the Black Sea: A Pilot Assessment

Various programs and organizations (IMO, UNEP, IOC UNESCO, FAO) and recently the EU MSFD recognized marine litter (ML) as an issue of global threat from environmental, economic, human health and safety, and aesthetic aspect. Among the efforts to combat the problem adequate monitoring and application of harmonized methodological approaches for quantification are essential. This research presents the results of a pilot assessment of bottom ML in the Black Sea during the MISIS Project Joint Black Sea Cruise (22–31 August, 2013) along 3 transects in the NW Black Sea. The aim of the present study is a pilot quantitative assessment of bottom.

S. Moncheva, K. Stefanova, A. Krastev, A. Apostolov, L. Bat, M. Sezgin, F. Sahin, F. Timofte, Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 16: 213-218 (2016)

The article


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