Microplastic litter found in digestive systems of Tokyo Bay fish

Nearly 80% of Japanese anchovy caught in a survey of Tokyo Bay had plastic waste inside their digestive systems, according to the research team who conducted the study.

Eating the fish is unlikely to cause major health problems, but the finding indicates worrying levels of pollution in the sea around Japan, according to the group led by Professor Hideshige Takada of the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

The team examined 64 Japanese anchovies caught in the bay in August last year and found 150 microplastic particles, or plastic pieces up to 5 millimeters, in the digestive tubes of 49 of them.

Of the 150 plastic pieces, about 80 percent were 0.1 to 1 millimeter in size, the team said. (…) (japantoday.com, 10/04/2016)

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