Fleece clothing major contributor of microplastics in water

When you put on your favourite fleece jacket, you probably never think about how it could be contributing to marine pollution.

Every time the garment is washed, about 2,000 fibres end up in the wastewater that’s produced. And because many sewage plants cannot filter these fibres, they become part of an increasingly serious microplastic pollution problem that’s affecting marine wildlife around the globe.

In Norway, for instance, it was recently reported that scientists from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research and the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research had determined that outdoor clothing such as fleece jackets and Gore-Tex clothing was the biggest source of the more than 100 million particles of microplastic being deposited via wastewater into the fiord at Longyearbyen, a community of 2,000 on the island of Svalbard. (…) (canadiangeographic.ca, 29/03/16)

The news


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