Microplastics : Occurrence, effects and sources of releases to the environment in Denmark

The objectives of the study are:

– To establish an overview of the existing knowledge on microplastics for authorities and other stakeholders (literature review);
– To survey the use of primary microplastics in Denmark and assess to what extent releas-es of primary microplastics contribute to the levels of microplastics found in the marine environment in Denmark;
– To provide an overview of the main national and international initiatives for reduction of the use of microplastics and their occurrence in the environment, and
– To propose possible new studies and initiatives for reduction of microplastics pollution.

Carsten Lassen, Steffen Foss Hansen, Kerstin Magnusson, Fredrik Norén, Nanna Isabella Bloch Hartmann, Pernille Rehne Jensen, Torkel Gissel Nielsen, Anna Brinch, The Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental project No. 1793, 2015

The report


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