Commentary: Plastic ocean and the cancer connection: 7 questions and answers

A plethora of recent scientific reports testifies to challenges the world is facing from an ever-increasing marine plastic pollution. Toxicological concerns have been put forward, but possible links between the now ubiquitous synthetic polymers and human as well as wildlife cancers remain to be investigated. Hence, this commentary which addresses seven questions. Given numerous uncertainties on the factual impacts of plastics, we should embark on empirical studies into the validity of biologically plausible links between plastic residues and cancers and concomitantly consider ways to reduce plastics in the world within and around us.

V. Benno Meyer-Rochow, J. Valérie Gross, Frank Steffany, Dominique Zeuss, Thomas C. Erren, Environmental Research, Volume 142, Pages 575–578, October 2015

The article


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