The behaviors of microplastics in the marine environment

Despite the pollution of microplastics being internationally recognized, the understanding of their behaviors in marine environment is still developing. Microplastics are ubiquitous in the marine environment, with the potential to cause harm to marine ecosystem. Here, we would classify the behaviors of microplastics as physical behaviors (i.e. migration, sedimentation and accumulation), chemical behaviors (i.e. degradation and adsorption) and biobehaviors (i.e. ingestion, translocation and biodegradation), and a further discussion on their behavioral mechanisms were presented to better understand their impacts for the marine environment.


Jundong Wang, Zhi Tan, Jinping Peng, Qiongxuan Qiu, Meimin Li, Marine Environmental Research, Volume 113, Pages 7–17, February 2016

The article


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