Everyday plastics spell doom for the oceans

DONA PAULA (Goa): The ubiquitous plastic that is easy to use and easy to discard and forms part of our everyday lives is unwittingly spelling doom for the oceans and its myriad creatures.

It is not only the littering by water bottles, wrappers, bags, nets and industrial waste that is causing havoc, but the smaller broken down components of these plastic components, called ‘micro plastics’, that are becoming a new and hidden menace.

Dr SWA Naqvi, director of the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Goa, says “plastic pollution is a very big problem and pollution of the global oceans with micro-plastics is only now being estimated in times to come it will become a huge-huge problem that will dog humanity for centuries since plastics outlive humans by a factor of ten.” (…) (newindianexpress.com, Pallava Bhagla, 4/10/15)

The news



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