Socio-economic impact of microplastics in the 2 Seas, Channel and France Manche Region

This report deals with Activity 3, in which the socio-economic effects in the 2 Seas and Franche Manche Channel Region (hereafter called ‘the Interreg region’) are assessed and possible options for mitigating measures are discussed building on results from the previous activities.

Van der Meulen, M.D. (Deltares), DeVriese, L. (ILVO), Lee, J. (Cefas), Maes, T. (Cefas), Van Dalfsen, J.A. (Deltares), Huvet, A. (Ifremer), Soudant, P. (CNRS), Robbens, J. (ILVO), Vethaak, A.D. (Deltares), January 2015

The report


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