Microplastics and microfibres : making their way into our food chain

GREAT LAKES – The news keeps getting worse about the ubiquitous microbead, which has spread from human consumption in its use in cosmetics, toothpastes and cleaners to the Great Lakes and its tributaries with the news that in preliminary research, almost all of the fish sampled in a recent study contain quantities of microplastics—and the higher up on the food chain, the more the plastic. (…)
The professor and her team have also discovered high amounts of plastic fibers in the streams and tributaries leading into the Great Lakes, noting that every time a micro or polar fleece garment is washed (these so-called fleece products are made from recycled plastics), 2,000 microfibres are released into the wash water, and back into the water system. “We are finding them (fibres) in enormous quantities in streams and fish.” (…) (manitoulin.ca, 08/04/2015)

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