Estimation of the annual flow and stock of marine debris in South Korea for management purposes

The annual flow and stock of marine debris in the Sea of Korea was estimated by summarizing previous survey results and integrating them with other relevant information to underpin the national marine debris management plan. The annual inflow of marine debris was estimated to be 91,195 tons [32,825 tons (36% of the total) from sources on land and 58,370 tons (64%) from ocean sources]. As of the end of 2012, the total stock of marine debris on all South Korean coasts (12,029 tons), the seabed (137,761 tons), and in the water column (2451 tons) was estimated to be 152,241 tons. In 2012, 42,595 tons of marine debris was collected from coasts, seabeds, and the water column. This is a very rare case study that estimated the amount of marine debris at a national level, the results of which provide essential information for the development of efficient marine debris management policies.

Yong Chang Jang, Jongmyoung Lee, Sunwook Hong, Jin Yong Mok, Kyoung Shin Kim, Yun Jeong Lee, Hyun-Woo Choi, Hongmook Kang, Sukhui Lee, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 86, Issues 1–2, Pages 505–511, September 2014

The article


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