Sources of plastic marine debris on beaches of Korea : More from the ocean than the land

Reduction of marine debris requires knowledge of its sources. Sources of plastic marine debris found on six beaches of Korea were estimated. Samples larger than 25 mm were collected from 10 quadrats of 5 x 5 m for each beach in spring 2013. The total 752 items (12,255 g) of debris comprised fiber and fabric (415 items, 6,909 g), hard plastic (120 items, 4,316 g), styrofoam (93 items, 306 g), film (83 items, 464 g), foamed plastic other than styrofoam (21 items, 56 g), and other polymer (20 items, 204 g). With the probable sources allocated to each of 55 debris types, the source of 56% of all the collected debris appeared to be oceanbased and 44% was land-based. Priorities of policy measures to reduce marine debris should be different from regions to regions as the main sources of debris may differ.

Yong Chang Jang, Jongmyoung Lee, Sunwook Hong, Jong Su Lee, Won Joon Shim, Young Kyoung Song, Ocean Science Journal, Volume 49, Issue 2, pages 151-162, June 2014

The article


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