A survey of emerging contaminants in the estuarine receiving environment around Auckland, New Zealand

Increasing urbanisation in the future will put mounting stresses on the receiving environments around those urban centres due to increased sedimentation and contaminant runoff. Emerging contaminants (ECs) are an extensive array of chemicals and many are not under regulatory action. Within New Zealand likely future pressures from ECs will be in both urban centres and rural areas due to intensive agriculture, although at present there is a lack of information on the state of the environment in both sectors. This study was initiated to gauge the distribution of ECs in the urban environment by measuring concentrations of flame retardants, plasticisers, alkylphenols, herbicides and pesticides, steroid oestrogens, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals in sediment from 13 estuarine sites around Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest city. (…)

Stewart, Michael, Olsen, Greg, Hickey, Christopher W. and al., Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 468-469, Pages 202-210, January 2014

The article


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