PhD studentship proposal : Biological effects of marine plastic debris in the ocean (University of Exeter, UK)

Applications are invited for a funded PhD studentship in Biosciences in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences (CLES) at the University of Exeter. This studentship will be funded by CLES and Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (Cefas).

Project description:

Background: Microscopic plastic litter (<5mm, ‘microplastic’) is increasing in abundance in the marine environment. We have recently shown that microplastic is ingested by organisms at the base of the marine food web, including marine worms and copepods and this adversely affects their capacity to grow and survive. This is of high interest for understanding how microplastic may influence ecosystem functions, since these species play a defining role in the structure of benthic and pelagic communities.

Aim: To study the bioaccumulation and biological effects of microplastics by marine species at the base of the food web. (…)

More information here.


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